Clubhouse Rules


Acccess to Clubhouse/Pool/Sports Courts

1. Access to the clubhouse/pool/sports courts is gained by use of a magnetic coded card. One card is issued to each ACA member (property owner), hereafter referred to as member. If card is lost, stolen, or damaged, notify the Security Team for replacement. A $10 fee will apply. Member is responsible for the respectful use of the Arboretum facilities. Under no circumstance may the card be transferred to non members.

2. The clubhouse complex is open from 6am to 11pm daily to members, immediate family and house guests except when the facilities are reserved for special events. There will be no overnight parking in the lot unless prior approval is given by the Board of Directors. Police check the parking lot, tennis courts and clubhouse during the closing hours of 11pm-6am. Report any problems of damage, vandalism, etc to the ACA Security Team.

Rules Governing Use of Clubhouse and Sports Courts

Minors under the age of 16 must be accompanied by adult inside the clubhouse

1. No smoking in the clubhouse or pool area.

2. Court usage is first come first serve basis, proper tennis shoes must be worn, and lights must be turned off by 11pm.

3. Clubhouse, pool and sports courts may be reserved for special events by members. Any party, meeting or gathering, hosted by a member, constitutes a special event and requires a reservation. Members are encouraged to use our facilities, but reserved use is limited to once a month. Exceptions can by made at the discretion of the Reservation Chairman, in conjunction with the Board.

4. Club facilities may not be rented 36 hours before and 24 hours after a scheduled ACA event.

5. Maximum occupancy of the clubhouse for any indoor event is 74 people, excluding servers. All events will end by 11pm.

6. Members are to advise their guests that the roads in the Arboretum are private and the speed limit is 20 mph. There are 29 spaces in the clubhouse parking lot. Parking on private lots is not permitted unless prior agreement has be sought from the lot owner. If limited parking will be a problem, car pools should be arranged.

7. No commercial or business activities are permitted in the clubhouse.

Amended February 2012 SM

Events with Reserved Status and Attendant Charges

1. ACA sponsored events, events to which all members are invited, and special programs that the ACA Board has sanctioned: no charge, but the dates should be requested from the Reservation Chairperson.

2. Member hosted events for family/friends and for civic, social or recreational groups that the host is actively involved in. Member must take full responsibility, sign a liability form, and be in attendance. Members are never to act as sponsors for third party.


Pool Only(3 hour maximum reservation) and Sports Courts no charge


50% of the attendees are ACA members                                                                no charge

50% of attendees are not ACA members, reserved for 6 hours or less          $50

50% of attendees not ACA members, reserved fpr 12 hours or less               $100


Procedures for Reserving the Clubhouse

1. Check the calendar located in the clubhouse or call the Reservation Chairperson to determine if the date you desire is available.

2. Fill out the form “Reservation of Clubhouse, Pool, Tennis Courts and Grounds,”

A copy of this form is found in the Arboretum Directory (Red Book) and in the forms rack in the clubhouse hallway.

3. Contact the chair to submit the form and fee (if applicable) and have the reservation approved. Checks are made payable to the Arboretum Community Association. The event will then be added to the calendar.

4. Enter on reservation form the times you would like for the door to be opened electronically, for ex: 7-10 pm.

Clubhouse Use and Cleaning Guide

1. All doors should remain closed during parties as the building is climate controlled

2. Fireplace is decorative and should never be used.

3. In order to keep the clubhouse sanitary and pest-free, all trash, food scraps , opened food containers, and beverage containers must be bagged and placed in the outdoor wheeled cart as soon as the party is concluded. New trash bag should be installed in kitchen.

4. Soiled flatware, dishes, and pans must be washed. In some situations, it may be reasonable to store leftover food in the refrigerator overnight. By the following morning, all food should be removed, dishwasher emptied, and all tables returned to storage.

5. Mop kitchen floor, wipe off kitchen and bath counter tops, vacuum carpet.

6. Turn off clubhouse, pool, and tennis court lights.

7. Ensure all doors are locked.

Amended February 2012. SM